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Exploring growth and Milan through imaginary architecture

a series of imaginary architecture drawings by Stefan Davidovici in dialogue with photos by Stefano Gusmeroli in exhibition at the CALL OVER 35, 21stTriennale, Palazzo della Triennale, Milan June 22 to July 31 2016 is in the guise of fiction that one can more easily and relentlessly tell the truth.”

Robert D. Kaplan, In Europe's Shadow

Selected for the Call over 35 section of the 21st Milan Triennale, GROWTH.OVERgrowth is a series of drawings of imaginary architecture by Stefan Davidovici put in contrast with Stefano Gusmeroli's photos of the urban environment of Milan.
The drawings and images are literally 'growing' together, under the eyes of the viewer.
They raise questions about the mechanism that makes architectural spaces alive – the very fact that, like us, they are born, evolve, get old and finally disappear, subject to the very flow of life and history.
The photos and the drawings are intimately related. They grow together. The two media are contrasting but are in a clear, active, living dialogue.