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'disegnare lo spazio' is Italian for 'drawing the space'.

about teaching.

all architecture projects, no matter what their function or scale is, have to do with 'carving' the architectural space. the architectural space is the matter of our work in the same measure as the stone or wood are the matter of work for sculptors.

we identify three clear, successive steps:

1 - to fully perceive the architectural space
2 - to know how to represent it
3 - to design it.

by learning/ improving the first two steps, architects can fundamentally improve the most important , the design of space- the core of our profession and the feature that makes Architecture an Art.

the very same principle, based on the deep reflection involved required by drawing, applies also to the observation and representation of objects in Design-related context.

this is the main object of the courses and drawing workshops and courses I have been offering mainly in two complementary environments; academic at Milan's NABA Design Program and as continuing education at the Fondazione dell'Ordine degli Architetti di Milano.

besides the academic and continuing-education context I am also at the core of the 3 to 4-hours long free drawing sessions of sketchmob (organized here in Italy with Arkipelag and Alterstudio Partners), the Italian version of the British event inititated by our friend and mentor, Professor Trevor Flynn.

more about the workshops and events can be found here.